Every organization needs to have a strong administration system to carry out its daily business, and Sessions Court, Khyber, is no exception. We have a very well-defined administration setup, divided into several components (offices) which perform their assigned duties in accordance with the prescribed rules and procedures. A brief introduction to these offices is as under:

1. Superintendent Office

This office looks after each and every matter including placement of staff at different offices/courts, maintaining record of judges & staff members, machinery, furniture & fixtures as per directions of the District & Sessions Judge.

2. English BranchSuperintendent Office

This office acts as assistant to the superintendent office by keeping all the required record. Prepare different proposals regarding office work, maintaining leave record of officers & officials, drafting, correspondence with other courts and offices within and outside the district/province. All the correspondence is routed through English Branch to/from the District & Sessions Judge and all the official record is maintained by this office including Seniority of officials, Promotion, Demotion or other Proceedings taken against officials, Inquiries, Complaints, Warnings, for example, l are handled by the English Branch as per instructions of the District & Sessions Judge.

3. Computer Cell

The National Judicial Policy Making Committee (NJPMC) of Pakistan has given a significant importance to automation and has established a separate sub-committee to exclusively implement I.T projects and monitor their progress. The Committee is named as National Judiciary Automation Committee (NJAC). Besides policy and plans, an effective monitoring system is in place so that the desired results may be achieved.

4. Accounts Branch

This branch is responsible for maintenance of all the accounts-related tasks of Sessions Court which includes preparation of budget, monthly expenditure statements, periodic accountancy proformas, keeping track of all the purchases made….

5. COC Office

This office, like Superintendent office of the court of District & Sessions Judge, looks after such matters as placement of staff at different offices/courts, maintaining record of judges & staff members, machinery, furniture & fixtures as per directions of the Senior Civil Judge.

6. Nazarat Branch

This office works as account office of the Court of Senior Civil Judge & Civil Judges/Judicial Magistrates. It prepares the annual budget and maintains other records related to accounts and finances. This office also maintains Record of the Minors accounts and cash deposit/withdrawal of pre-emption money and other Private & Public money deposited or withdrawn during cases proceedings, as per directions of the courts.

7. CCTV Control Room

This office control the CCTV Cameras installed in the court premises and maintain record of the all important events. It also works as security Control agency of the court premises.

8. Copying Branches Sessions & Civil

These offices provide attested copies of the courts orders and other relevant record on payment of the required specified Government fee.

9. Record Rooms Sessions & Civil

These offices maintain record of the courts files & deliver to the courts and Copying Branch whenever required.

10. Process Serving Agencies Sessions & Civil

These offices perform functions as Courts Orders Executing Agency. The service of summons & execution of the court orders is the responsibility of this office, carried out through Process Servers & Bailiffs

11. Telephone Exchange

This office works as communication agency for the courts. The intercom system established in the courts works as communication source between different courts within the district.

12. Information Kiosk

This office works for providing information to the litigant public. The daily Cause Lists of the courts, information about the Presiding Officers of the concerned, Police Stations and the location of the Court Rooms can be obtained from this office.